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What Is Body Neutrality?

How To Live By It and Ways To Practice It

Remember fist and foremost that your body belongs to you and only you. It doesn’t exist to be applauded or objectified.

Body neutrality is a self-commitment by which we accept our body and physical appearance as it is. Yet, it does not force you to voluntarily adore your body but only to credit it completely. Body neutrality is the practice of reducing body negativity, such as telling yourself, “Maybe my body doesn’t fit the standards of beauty and I am aware of that, but I will strive not to put myself down or make myself feel guilty about my physical appearance.”

Meanwhile, it doesn’t appreciate the concept of body positivity which is becoming too opaque day by day. For instance, folks living with disabilities may not constantly love a body that prevents them from having a “normal life.” Therefore, it is OK if they don’t “love” or “hate” their body, rather “accept” and “embrace” the truth.​

The body is essential to feel your existence and plays a vital role in recognizing mental and spiritual extent of well-being, granting you three-dimensional prosperity. We all are different in terms of our physical mien having different abilities, but as part of human nature, we keep comparing ourselves with others. We exert a lot of effort to get fitted into the set standards of socially accepted ones. Where concepts like body positivity are way too maximizing the caliber of beauty. Here body neutrality is the concept that holds down those body insecurities.

Body Neutrality as Optimizer of Self-Satisfaction

When we give acceptance to our surroundings and situations we are going through, we get familiar with their consequences which make up our minds and eventually we suffer less. This is the same phenomenon with body neutrality, when we accept it with its flaws or shapes, we stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

People with disabilities, over or under-sized people, and transgenders are the main beneficiaries of this movement. Why? Because it brings all humans to one page by optimizing their self-esteem as equal.

It gives you insights of the wise and you learn the art of looking beyond physical appearance and stop associating your self-worth with your physique.

Body neutrality empowers you to appreciate the splendid uniqueness that you own and stops you from wrapping your head around those who criticize or point out flaws.

How to Practice Body Neutrality?​

  •    To practice body neutrality everyone needs to cleanse the toxicity in their lives, which discourages them to live their lives to the fullest magnitude.
  •    Do not hide your body’s imperfections and deficiencies.
  •    Stop associating with people who make you feel ashamed about your body and its flaws.
  •    Embrace and love the flaws that you can not change specially when it comes to satisfying others.
  •    Stop tiring yourself for wanting to be loved, because love comes from unconditional and selfless ways. Love will not make you feel miserable towards the way you look.
  •    Allow your body to coordinate with your spirit and mind to make sound decisions.
  •   Meditation, self-focus, and wearing the clothes you like the most, can help you to practice body neutrality.

A Final Thought

Body neutrality empowers you to appreciate the splendid uniqueness that you own without the fear of what others may think.

Remember that when someone is being critical, it tells us more about them and who they are rather than the person or thing they are criticizing.

Cultivate the fact that you are the epitome of love, gentleness, and grace. Body neutrality is one such ideology that does not allow you to feel over-confident for your privileged looks nor should it make you feel despondent towards your body’s deformities.

Regardless if you meet all the standards of beauty or if you have blemishes you can start practicing body neutrality, and feel yourself completely justifying your existence.



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