"You will know who they are by the fruit they produce."

A Letter To The Creatives

The Top 5 Signs You’re A Child Of God

Ever felt that you’re way more than a mere heart-pumping, breath-gasping
entity? Do you often find yourself observing the deeper patterns of nature
rather than scarcely looking at the surfaced reality?

If so, then you’re certainly so full of God-ness and possess splendid
uniqueness. Simply put, you have walked the path of faith and have high
connections with the divine. Sounds strikingly peculiar? Let’s dig deeper!

A Yearning To Connect Deeper
When I was a teenager, I used to see individuals around me worshiping
God, whether out of fear or simply because they grew up watching their
parents adopt the same philosophy. That is, if they do not obey God’s
instructions, they will perish in hell. My interpretation was different.

I understood this apprehension was important, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if
we praised Him out of love? Simply because He is magnificent, the owner of
everything, the Organizer, Provider, Master, Planner, Sustainer, Cherisher,
and Provider of stability.

One afternoon while I was sitting in my backyard, contemplating about life
and seeing how much I was going through, I questioned myself, “am I even
a Godchild?” A series of events start to play in my mind, and it felt like God
was trying to answer me that.

I categorized those events in the following categories, which helped me
answer my initial question, “am I a Godchild?” and I hope it helps you too in
finding the answer for you!

You Question Everything
One of the things that differentiated me from the rest of the kids my age
was my constant questioning about every new concept I was introduced to.
Whenever I stumbled upon any religious information or any other ideology
matter of factually, my first instinct was to construct reasoning behind it.

I had a firm belief that if something does not comply with the religious
explanation of it, it must be tempered. The ability to not be blinded by the
curtains of religion and science was speaking proof that God loved me.
Well if you are like that, congratulations!

You Have Guilt Trips
Do you know how they say that there is a difference between people who sin
and the people who repent? I remember when I was little, I used to love
chocolates. I’d get crazy whenever I saw them and just had to have them,
not considering whose they were.

This one time, I stole a bar of chocolate
from a friend and found her being upset about it. My heart was filled with
guilt, and more than my love for chocolate, there was the guilt of the act.
Who gave me the ability to feel that guilt? Who crafted me in a way that I
take motivation from my guilt and improve as a person? It was God!
If you join me in the group of self-guilty individuals, then there is no doubt
you are a God child!

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You Constantly Communicate With Him
It was quite late in life that I realized I had a habit of communicating with
the universe and the One who runs it throughout the beginning. The awe inspiring
work of the universe, whether, stars, galaxies, black holes, or the
vastness of the universe itself always made me wonder. I’d be sitting
silently, with a long, in-depth conversation in my mind. It felt like the
universe was talking to me, and it helped me in making conscious decisions.

It is a blessing to be able to get your words out instead of being caged in
your thoughts and shifting emotions. If you are lucky that God loves you and
communicates with you, then you are a God child, and might I add, one of
the favorite ones!

You Are Constantly Tested
I had a pretty tough childhood in terms of my financial condition, my
relationship with my parents, and my decreasing faith. Life was tough, to
say the least. I would often rant about how God hated me so much that he
had put me into this hell hole of a life. But year after year, I started to
realize He was preparing me like one of His soldiers. He made me tough
and made me learn patience and resilience. I was the strongest person
present in the room everywhere I went, for most of my adulthood.

Testing times are a huge blessing because they prepare you for the worst.
They make you a stronger person who is ready to take on a challenge!
If you experience any of these signs, then there is no doubt that God loves
you and has you back at all times. To be able to see more clearly whether
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