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A Letter To The Creatives

The Top 5 Signs God Is Working In Your Life

These are the top five signs that God is working in your life. Pay attention to them and be thankful for the blessings that come your way. God is always looking out for you, even when you can’t see it.

1. Unexpected Breakthroughs: You find yourself in situations where you have been praying for a breakthrough, and suddenly, without warning, your prayers are answered. This could be a job offer that was unexpected, a healing of a sickness or a financial blessing out of nowhere.

2. A Sense of Peace: You find yourself filled with a sense of peace that is unexplainable. The worries that once filled your life have dissipated and you feel a sense of joy that you can’t quite explain.

3. Synchronistic Events: You notice that things seem to be coming together in a way that you couldn’t have orchestrated yourself. Little things seem to be lining up to help you out or give you a nudge in the right direction.

4. Miracles: You or someone you know have experienced a miracle. It could be a healing from a sickness or a divine intervention in a situation that you were stuck in.

5. A Sense of Purpose: You feel like you have a purpose in life and a mission that you are meant to fulfill. You may not know exactly what it is yet, but it’s a feeling that you can’t shake.

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an Artist; Starving

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