"You will know who they are by the fruit they produce."

A Letter To The Creatives



Partayke provides quality content with the mission of uplifting and inspiring each individual to strive for their inner greatness. Partayke reaches a broad audience including conscientious millennials who are seeking information that encourages everyone to build their best lives.

Partayke features interviews with creatives and visionaries, stories that provide wisdom and knowledge, inspirational book reviews, examples of people doing extraordinary things to help the community and life hacks on how to be the best you possible.  

To support our mission we are asking you to Partyke with us. As a Partayker you not only reach a broad audience but you also have the ability to inspire and uplift the community as well.   


As a Partayker, you will receive a custom dedicated community page that includes informative content about your journey such as what led you to start your non-profit, what encouraging quotes have helped you along the way, what books and or movies along the journey inspired you, who was your greatest supporter and any additional information you feel may inspire someone else along their journey. Your page will also include links to you main site as well as links to your social media sites.

A Partayke community page is a great way to give back, uplift and inspire but also makes a great addition to assist your marketing and outreach initiatives​

We also understand the nature of some of our sponsors such as non-profit businesses so we have special rates for our not for profit sponsors whom we call Partaykers.